White Time Healing


White Time is an Energy that contains past, present and future. In one sense it is like White Noise in that it is all times in One as White Noise is all sounds in One. There are many uses for White Time or WT. The one that is focused on here is that of Healing. The client simply relaxes and opens to receive, while the healer, or rather "the Vessel for Healing to occur" uses sacred symbols (much like in Reiki, but also very different, having its own unique quality and frequency) to open up the space for WT. The WT is then directed to the client in distance healing.

White Time is unique in that both the practitioner and the client are fully protected by the Essence of its Purity. One cannot transmit any negativity to the client nor can the client receive any of the practitioner's personal 'stuff.' It is very, very clean and very effective. This technique of healing has been brought to Earth at this time by very, very advanced Light Beings. It is by far the gentlest method of healing that I have come across as well as one with infinite potential.

LOVE OFFERING: $50.00 per session $75.00 for two sessions (special savings) $115.00 for three sessions over a 12 day period. (special savings)

Email: or call 818-762-8486.

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