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White Time Healer

What I Leorah (Janna) Offer:


Spiritually encoded and love infused Soul Portraits





Personal Interactive Sessions:

Tuning in to each individual with whom I work, the first step is to unite with the core heart that is shared between us. I then invoke the presence of my 'guides'. who are comprised of Angels, Planetary and Cosmic Ascended Masters, and my Beloved Guide Quan Yin. Combining my own intuitive perceptions with the Beings of Love & Light with whom I work, I offer Spiritual Counseling, alignments and attunements on a variety of levels.

The client/ YOU, are safely held within the arms of Love, and the infinite Compassion of Goddess Quan Yin. Each being brings to the session their own particular needs, as well as their own group of guardian angels and guides. Together we explore the issues and questions at hand. The client is put as deeply in touch with their own Life purpose and Spirit Direction as possible. The triad of energy between the Angel Guides, the client and myself, produces a deeper understanding and revelation of Life's process.

Soul Communication Sessions:

During Soul Communication Sessions, I open and attune into your higher consciousness, and in which you can communicate with these higher states of awareness for your self to answer questions you may have regarding your higher purpose, your life journey, to find the deeper meaning of your life. Information is given so that you may maintain in a grounded step by step manner as to facilitate this communication for you self.

For in-depth spiritual telephone sessions overlighted by the Celestial Hierarchy, one is likely to find the missing connections that yearn to communicate with the Soul.

***All Sessions are interactive in which you are encouraged to ask question that have relevance to you. The session is audio taped, and the original tape is sent to you afterwards, this allows you to have a personal recording to which you can refer to at anytime. A typical session lasts an hour and is kept strictly confidential.

*** To schedule a telephone counseling session:
Email: or call 818-762-8486.
(Credit Cards VISA/MC accepted via Paypal)

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