New Earth Teaching (NET)


There are various ways that express the great transition which the Earth and all upon Her is going through, I have found that all these different teachings meet in NET, New Earth Teachers (Training and initiation). I have completed two courses of NET openings by Channie Centara, who has brought us both NET and White Time. During these openings as well as in my meditations, I have been graced with glimpses of The New Earth!

Mother Earth has decided to create a New Earth at a higher frequency in order to carry on with Her Evolution. We, who live and move and have our Being upon Her, can, with the tools of NET assist Earth, ourselves, and ALL LIFE into this higher frequency with much greater smoothness and joy. NET has connected me to Earth in a way that is much, much deeper and more profound than ever before. I understand so much of what I as well as just about everyone I talk to is going through during this phase. These teachings and openings have allowed me to assist our Planetary Mother in ways that I would never have thought possible. It has also assisted me in understanding more than I ever expected to about what is going on on our Earth with ALL the various kingdoms that share this planet with us.

It is my joy to offer you the NET initiation, which includes ALL the teachings of the first NET opening, your own symbol of initiation (this is sent to you via post. You are advised to make a copy in order to use it as a base for your own teaching) a personal guided meditation tape, which also includes YOUR NET INITATION CEREMONY. You also receive a NET Diploma, certifying YOU as a NET teacher.

Once you have taken the initiation, you are encouraged to go and set up NET classes, either personally or on the Internet or telephone, and initiate others, who then become NET teachers. Those of us who first took the NET openings with Channie Cha Centara are called NET LEVEL II teacher. Channie is the only NET level 1 teacher. It is possible to get opened more deeply via Channie if you feel called to do this.

LOVE OFFERING: $55.00 plus $5.00 s/h.
We would spend one hour over the telephone going over all the material and answering your questions.
We could also communicate via email. or call 818-762-8486.

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